General Race Questions & Answers

Q. What qualification does the skipper need?
A. SAS Yachtsmaster Offshore. If the boat is foreign flagged though, please discuss with race committee.

Q. I am a cruising boat. Is there any motoring allowance?
A. This is first and foremost a yacht race sand Sailing event. You would need to complete the course fully under sail to comply.

Q. I don’t have a ORC/Texel Rating, what do I need to do?
A. Contact the RCYC Sailing office ( would guide you further. It is not complicated.

Q. I am looking for crew/crewing position what do I do?
A. Contact the RCYC sailing office ( who would keep you details and share it with perspective parties.

Q. What would crew normally contribute?
A. Every situation is different. But the norm is crew would contribute towards onboard cost (Food, Diesel etc…) and towards delivery costs. We would recommend discussing and agreeing with the skipper upfront.

Q. Will boats Anchor at the island?
A. The island will have proper moorings available for all competing yachts subject to availability.

Q. Will boats be safe on the island once crews leave and waiting for shipping?
A. St Helena Yacht Services have, for a nominal fee per boat agreed to check boats daily on moorings and will be responsible for the loading.

Q. When does safety scrutinizing begin?
A. You can do this anytime once you are fully prepared.

Q. I have a bowsprit, for shipping purposes, how do I measure the Length of the boat?

A. For shipping and for that matter, the same as for measuring length for a marina. Your boat is measured from the foremost part (in your case front of bowsprit) the aft most part.. So yes, bowsprit would be part of the measurement. If you don’t add it in and your boat is longer, you won’t be loaded as you will displace more space in the packing then declared and therefore planned for in the deck plan of the ship.

Q. What is the correct courtesy flag to fly when at St Helena?

A.The “Red Duster”

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