News from the fleet and leaderboard 02/01/2019

Happy Tweede Nuwe Jaar
Quiet day on Compromise- must’ve been something we ate. Have a great day

All good on board – wind a little light for our small spinnaker, but we are hanging in there.
We are now on the home run with 277 miles left to go. If all goes well we should be there by tomorrow evening.
Cheers, Banjo Boys

Carpe Diem:
Overcast morning.   All is well.  Sewing machine is working overtime.  Looking forward to getting home.

Carribbean Soul:
All good on board.  Loads of flying fish saw a real pretty bird that I have never seen before.  Size of a seagull, pure white with a big red beak and long tail feathers.  Beak a bit parrot like.  Maybe someone can identify it.  We also discovered that shopping without spectacles has problems.  We have lots of Palmolive conditioner but no Shampoo. 🙂  Boet & Crew.

Yesterday as expected the barometer rose slightly giving for some lighter winds so a gybe to in a bit further north. By late afternoon the barometer was looking good again so another gybe. So a fairly slow day. The sea is azure in colour best understood by those who have sailed in these areas. Since the second day no shipping or boats have been sighted, but then we are out of the shipping lanes. In the first few days there was a lot of sea birds. An albatross, shearwaters and some brown terns. Since then mainly flying fish. Last night the wind picked up quite strongly at around 2.15 while charging the batteries. The kite was up and things were getting squirrelly so it needed to come down fast.  Not so easy if you want to risk a poor drop. First to the fore-deck to drop and puny the anti-wrap then connect the jib all while working on a fore-deck that is awash all this while being limited in movement by your harness. Then back to the cockpit hoist the jib set it all up and execute a great drop. So satisfying. Not over get coat tidied sold sorted for next sail and all sails trimmed then downstairs to pack the kite and drink water. Today I should be crossing the meridian. Barometer has climbed. Let’s see what today’s weather brings. Best Dale

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