News from the fleet and leaderboard 02/01/2019.

Vince from St Helena has very kindly identified Boet’s bird.  Its known as the Red-billed Tropic Bird.


Last night was so dark I swear you could touch it in front of your face. Wind was light with occasional squalls that we tried to capitalize on. Right now we have 15 knt wind with little squalls under the clouds of 18knts – altogether pushing us along nicely towards the island.

Brad has cooked us three square meals a day – so we are all a lot fatter now, but very happy campers. Everyone is down to the last articles of clothing and are looking forward to a shower and a cold beer at Anne’s.


Good morning. We are being pushed along at a steady 7kts and estimate that we will be on the island sometime on Saturday.

Have a wonderful day, Crew of Compromise

Carpe Diem:

It’s birthday celebrations on board today   Josh is 14.


The spinnaker is repaired and flying. Mark.


Yesterday the barometer settled as expected. Breeze was light for most of the day 8-11 knots. Not good for vmg but pleasant sailing. As the evening came the breeze increased again and the usual clouds started to build. Not wanted to be caught out two nights in a row the conservative option was taken. Albeit it ended up not blowing that strong in the end.  But it still had its moments. Between the clouds there is an incredible star studded sky to enjoy. After this settled down kite up again. This morning nice breeze and overcast sky. Very humid. Otherwise all good. Dale


Had the best braai last night. Karoo lamb chops in the Atlantic… nothing better! Weather still perfect. Well rested and happy crew.

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