Huge congratulations to Banjo who has won line honours with Rocket finishing hours after at 06h17 local time this morning.  Both Banjo and Rocket were due to clear immigration this morning.

Good morning, very quiet this morning, wind very light. Hopefully this will be our second last report to yourselves.
Have a great day, and pray for wind.

Yesterday was typical trade wind sailing. The bonus is that the trades seem good this year. Usual sea state one expects. So besides monitoring it and where required change kite when the wind strength changes. It does get a bit rolly though the night was similar. But with cloud cover and movement there were lots of oscillations in the wind that required regular course changes. Cleared a few flying fish off the deck this am. Deck yet with the humidity from the evening, Other than that not too much to report.

Our spinnaker popped again at 4am this morning.  Otherwise all good and going well. 

Carpe Diem:
All is well on board.   Feels like home is drawing near.  

Good morning from Naledi.   All good on board  – just cannot see the island yet.    

Yippee entered the wild West.   Having battery issues, but enjoying solving the riddle.  Still got good weather and wind so we should be there soon. 


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