News from the fleet and leaderboard 05/01/2019.

Caribbean Soul:
It was the most frustrating night so far.   Most yachtsman have encountered a little fellow called MURPHY.  He is a little fellow about 6 inches high.  He mostly visits at night.   Although he is small he carries a large toolbox with all the things needed to cause havoc.   So far he managed to undo shackles, cut through sheets, explode mainsheet blocks etc.  Last night he even managed to wrap some unidentified stuff around our keel just to be different   He shuts the gen set off at will so we do not have ice for our cocktails at night.  Last night he even managed to spray salt water in various electrical switches so we had a bit of a power issue.   I do have to report though that we caught him this morning and have ungracefully exterminated him.   I think he was after the ice-cream in the freezer.  So we are going to have pancakes now with ice-cream.   It’s overcast and still light so lots of concentration needed.   Boet & Crew. 

A cryptic message from the crew yesterday :   Our Captain is suddenly ecstatic, a little sail change suggested by the farmer and the cloud has lifted from his head.  We have been suffering in silence.  Now even the boat is happy as we flow through the last leg to victory. It’s been a wild ride definitely not the milk run!  The Crew

This morning’s message:  We’ve all been pounding around the foredeck since 0600 this morning when a spinnaker line chaffed through, followed immediately by main sheet block failure. 

Looks as though Murphy mentioned by Carribbean Soul may have made his way to Felix L

All going well my last position report at sea. Hopefully this time tomorrow be at Anne’s Place eating breakfast on the island if the weather allows. Right now very light. Thanks for all the support. 

From Dales Blog :  The past 24 hours has been in downwind trade conditions. With variable strength and oscillations. Becoming light at times. Requiring constant attention particularly during the night hours. Other than that not much to report. Currently happy with the trajectory to the island. Will try keep posted later in the day or when the island is sighted .

Rotary Scout:
They left Luderitz yesterday mid morning  – destination St Helena  – where they will be met by some of the delivery crew.  Others will be catching their plane back to Cape Town.   Great excitement on board as they caught a yellowtail.  Which will definitely be on the menu for dinner this evening.  As they have retired from the race  – they are not required to contact Race Control every morning with their position.  We are however keeping a watch over them via xtra-link tracking.  

Our Spinnaker was official declared dead and beyond resurrection on Friday morning 04h30 by Ronin’s resident pathologist (Mannie) after 3 short lived repairs.