Updates from the fleet and leaderboard 28/12/2018

Team Banjo:
Sea state is much better, with a 15 – 18knt wind from behind – lovely surfing conditions!

Everyone is well on board – now over our nerves and mild seasickness. The water is warm and blue, and we are spotting flocks? or shoals? of flying fish.

The first 24hrs was quite rough, and was difficult to do anything down below as we were being thrown around, and any time spent at the pc left us feeling ill! Of course out on deck was equally challenging, with lots of spray and water coming over the decks.

Good morning, bumpy ride last night, but enjoyed our yellowtail for dinner. Currently flying No1 gennaker All good, have a nice day

All good on board – rum levels running low.

Decided at times to cruise and have the spinnaker up.

Flying Fish found on the deck this morning – it was already smelly so chose not to eat it.

Good winds. Large swell, large smile. Having issues with battery charging. Otherwise all good.

Yolo position s31.36.781 e13.38.388 all good aboard. Wind has freed off.

181228 position reporting