Updates from the fleet and leaderboard 29/12/2018:

Sea state is a lot calmer, wind about 20knts

Last night was hectic – sea state was very rough with cross swell, wind was 35knts and gusting. We went from a big kite to a small one, then a code 0,1 reef to 2 to 3 reefs and a reefed jib – then we took the main down and sailed on jib only – had to throttle back for safety!

This morning we tried a few sail plans already, but Brad and Sarel are getting very grumpy.

Compromise : 
Good morning. Another bumpy ride last night, winds gusting to 31kts+. 2 reefs in main, a jib handkerchief and doing 15kts down the waves.

Sacrificed a pack of Karroo chops to Neptune, aided and abetted by 30kt plus squall! With that we are fishing again, in calmer conditions

Caribbean Soul:
We lost the plot a bit but are now back on track. Had some issues with the mainsheet but all sorted now. Sea still lumpy but settling down. Weather and wind make for nice sailing so we are having fun. One crew member was down with the flu but back on watch. I feel as though I have been in the gym for 3 days so a bit sore. Say hi to all and have a great weekend. Boet.

Carpe Diem:
We are all well on board, the sun is shinning it’s a glorious day. The children are happy.

Nice sailing under spinnaker though a bit lonely as we cannot see anyone else. All the best Felix.

Rather bumpy night. Got pooped once. All good otherwise.

Going nicely. Watermaker not working. Going on rations. But crew still in good spirits.

All well on board.

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