Rotary Scout has retired due to suffering forestay damage.  They are heading for Luderitz for repairs.

News from the boats:


Quite a rough afternoon sail yesterday, settled down towards the evening. We also got our own back on Neptune and dined on a wonderful Thai curry, made from some yellowtail he kindly donated to Compromise. It appears the sun is going to shine today and will be taken later.


The past 24 hours has been good. A freshening breeze yesterday  and a few gybes to make more northing. In the evening the sea state was up and very confused. The best way was to two sail reach but not at optimal course. In the early hours this morning gybed back again on a good vmg. Winds are light at the moment but it should pick up as the day progresses. I am still sailing in conservative mode. Completing this challenge is my goal. Any result is a bonus. One cannot drive as hard or do the same amount of sail changes as a crewed boat. All good aboard. Dale

Carpe Diem:

We tore our spinnaker yesterday, however will repair later today.   All is well.


We had a few rough manoeuvres but no damages cracked the 1000 distance to target barrier which has lifted tired spirits.


Settled into cruising mode.  Wonderful night last night.   Wonderful night last night.   Have a lovely neighbour in Indaba just off our port side.  Starting to do some good cooking now that our seasickness has gone.  THINGS ARE LOOKING UP! .


At 17:30 yesterday our only A SIM spinnaker popped.   Our only spinnaker period!  Luckily we have a screecher still but the bag is a big loss.   Damn.   Otherwise the pancakes are great and so are we.  Mark.

181230 position reporting